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We Deliver Mulch anywhere in Central Florida

Call 407-737-9874 or text 407-342-1960 for next day delivery

We are a local land clearing and recycling company which produces colorful mulch for delivery to all of Central Florida at wholesale prices to the public.  Our monthly special includes black mulch or chocolate mulch with delivery and mulch installation anywhere near Orlando for $24.50 per cubic yard.  We deliver mulch in Orlando by the bag, bulk, or truckload and our delivery range is from Melbourne to Daytona and Lakeland to Leesburg and all the cities in between listed here.  Click on arrow for a delivery quote to your door:

(click on arrow above for mulch delivery quote to your Central Florida town)

Why should you buy local recycled mulch?

When you buy local recycled mulch in Orlando, you are helping to keep the local dump empty because debris normally scheduled for the landfills is intercepted by companies like  buy recycled landscape products hereGreenWise Recycling.  GreenWise will then screen the hardwood or pine up to four times to remove the long, sharp sticks for small children and add professional color!  They can create any "custom" mulch color shown here like the very popular Chocolate mulch and Ruby Red mulch colors for as low as $24.50 per cubic yard.  This local mulch will far out perform that bought at local stores because of the more efficient screening and coloring processes. This means local recycled and colored mulch will hold together longer and will NOT float away in a few weeks like that of large chain stores buying from China or similar low quality factories.  Click here to request a mulch installation quote in Orlando, Melbourne or nearby.

Mulch Calculator to Estimate your order

Before you call, please enter the approximate length and width of the area you want to cover in recycled mulch, then the desired depth (standard depth for mulch is 3", but we recommend 4'), then click Calculate. The calculator will tell you approximately how many cubic yards of mulch you'll need (based on typical coverage of 100 sq. ft./cubic yard, 3" deep).

Approx. cubic yards of mulch required:

Call 407-737-9874 or text 407-342-1960 to order for next day delivery

GreenWise Recycling is a landscaping material manufacturer located in East Orlando who accepts all local land clearing debris and recycles this debris into mulch for sale in the Central Florida community.  We feel very strongly about our "green" foot print which converts wood, stumps, and tree limbs from local construction projects into hardwood mulches and pine products which are reused in our community for weed control, erosion control, and the beautification of Orlando. Please help us keep Orlando green and buy our recycled landscape products.

Please choose from our Hardwood Mulches


or Pine Bark Mulches

buy impact ruby red mulch like this in Orlando Florida
Ruby Red $24.50
buy chocolate or brown colored mulches in central florida here
Chocolate $24.50
buy gold mulch for sale in central florida here
Impact Gold $24.50
click here to buy rubber mulch online
Black Mulch $24.50
we also sell playground mulch with free delivery here
Playground $24.50
click here to view our small pine bark nuggets made from recycled materials here
Mini Pine Bark $24.50
click here to view our large pine bark nuggets here
Pine Bark  $24.50
click here to buy pine bark fines in orlando at wholesale prices
Pine Fines $24.50

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